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covid 19/corona virus


The Corona Virus has changed how businesses operate and massage is not exception.

In Wisconsin massage therapy has been considered essential and allow Active Body Wellness to remain open during the Stay At Home order.

In light of this I have taken extra precautions against contamination of the Corona Virus for sake of both my own and my clients health.

Being a smaller business is beneficial because I can easily control the environment in my room by easily cleaning the surfaces between clients. No waiting room to worry about and only one client at a time has it's benefits.

I currently have a pocketed face mask with a custom HEPA filter inserted inside.

I have always washed my hands before and after every client I work on. This is and always has been standard practice in the industry.

In addition I have obtained hospital disinfectant that is used between every client. This is sprayed on the door knobs, chair, massage table, clip board and pens (for new client paperwork). Those that are sensitive to certain scents might notice the citrus smell of the disinfectant but is nothing like the smell of the Lysol spray that most places are using.

There is a HEPA filter air purifier running 24/7 in the room that has additional UV protection. The bulb is of sufficient intensity as to damage or destroy viruses and bacteria that pass through the system. This runs full speed when the room is empty and lowest speed during the massage.

In order to prevent cross contamination of the sheets, they are put into a cloth laundry bag, taken to the on sight laundry facility and washed along with the bag. The clean sheets are put back into the clean laundry bag and brought back up to be folded on the disinfected massage table and placed back in the cabinet.

I want to make sure I do what I can to keep people safe and healthy during these trying times.

I request of all my customers to please use common sense when coming in for an appt.

If you feel ill, or under the weather please don't take a chance or second guess. Please call or text me to reschedule the appt.

Masks are left to the discretion of the client since I have mask protection and am using virucidal disinfectant between clients, but again please use common sense.

I am running things business as usual so text or call to make an appt today.

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