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I have had the pleasure of knowing Rob since 2008.  Being an avid runner who competes in two marathons each year, the rigorous training can be very demanding. Four years ago I developed a running related injury and was introduced to Rob during my rehabilitation.  I credit him with helping me make a speedy recovery and being able to post a personal record marathon time that year. I have been to other massage therapists in the past, but never to a person with so much knowledge of muscle systems and with such excellent technique. I have come to rely on Rob to keep my muscles fresh for racing and preventing injury. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a massage therapist with extensive skill and knowledge of the profession. One session and you will be hooked! MJ

(from a professional ballet dancer in the Milwaukee Ballet)
 This past season I started calling Rob "magic hands" because it's true! 15 minutes and he could fix a limp or something else that had been bothering me for weeks. Thanks for keeping me running this past season Rob!

Rob offered massages at my bachelorette party as I had a spa and relax theme. It was such a fantastic experience. It would not have been the same without him there. I was so relaxed and it was a nice way of calming all my wedding planning stressors. Each of my guests (about 10) said that it was one of the best massages they had. My friend who has had wrist problems said, "Wow! My wrists feel phenomenal!" Even a couple days later. He's great at reading what you need through body language, and communicating what is wanted. I would HIGHLY recommend him. I will DEFINITELY be going to see him again!!!! 



Happy to have found a different approach to massage therapy that really allowed me to instantly feel results. Very impressed with his skills as well as his kind personality. Give Rob a try!

I started seeing Rob after a serious car accident for neck and back issues.  He took time to analyze my situation and gave treatment with my personal situation in mind.  He not only gave me my mobility back, but also found a few other areas that needed work which have put me back very close to normal.  He and Wendy are constantly looking to learn new techniques, which is a real asset for his clients.  I would highly recommend Rob to anyone serious about their health and wellness.



Melissa · March 2, 2018

Rob is the best hands down (haha get it!) seriously he is super knowledgeable and will fix whatever ails you!


Ivy · November 22, 2017

I got my first massage from Rob over a week ago and I still feel like I’m floating. I cut hair for a living and often at the end of my week my hands and arms are unbearably tight and sore, to the point where even certain yoga postures are difficult and painful for me. I’ve been to several other massage therapists in the Milwaukee area and no one has been able to give me the relief that Rob did in one single session. He took the time to figure out where I needed help the most and made sure I left feeling like my specific problems had been addressed rather than squirting me with oils and feeding me some vague feel-good lines. The room is very clean and cozy (soft sheets!!), music choice and volume was appropriate, and Rob is entirely respectful and pleasant. Last but not least his pricing is a steal. I’ve paid upwards of $150/hr in the past and Rob charges less than half of that. Take my advice and book the 90 minute, you will not regret it!!! Thanks again for fixing my velociraptor claws Rob, I’ll definitely be back!



This is real, attack those knots, deep tissue massage. And it's amazing! Rob can assess what you need just by looking at your posture and asking a few questions. And then he goes to work. I have had pain behind my left shoulder blade for YEARS. I thought I would need surgery one day. But in ONE SESSION, Rob obliterated the source of the pain. But if you think the deep tissue work is amazing, try the muscle release therapy. You will SWEAR he is doing absolutely nothing to your body, but you can't deny what happens. Your muscles will just go limp. Tension will release. I left his office feeling like a wet noodle. My wife got me three sessions with Rob - 2 deep tissue, 1 muscle release - and I will for sure be going back.



I have been seeing Rob for a couple months to relieve pain associated with a frozen shoulder. He is knowledgeable and takes the time to explain the plan of action. I have experienced some amazing results! I would highly recommend his services!


Amazingly knowledgeably. And super friendly. Great at muscle activation work. Can’t wait for the deep tissue massage. Thank you!!


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